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contribution in the state's election season. kimberly. >> reporter: the arizona group which has been fighting to protect the identity of the backers was actually backed into a corner. the release of the information did very little to shed light on who the individuals are who contributed the money. the group americans for responsible leadership gave in today admitting that it's $11 million contribution came from two other nonprofits. arizona-based arl received the money from a group called americans for job security through a second intermediary, the center to protect patient rights. >> this is without question the biggest case of money laundering that we have seen in california. >> reporter: several organizations including nonprofit california common cause that filed the complaint with the state claimed one of the groups involved, the center to protect patient rights, has ties to the billionaire kosh
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broth koch brothers. they're investigating the large donation since they require contributors be identified if they give to nonprofits with the intent to spend money on state campaigns. >> we're going to pursue every option we have to ensure that the political transparency laws in california are adhered to and whether it is with respect to this particular organization from arizona or any of the other groups that are also involved in this matter. >> reporter: one of the campaigns funded by the $11 million is prop 30, a tax initiative sponsored gi governor brown. the other is prop 32 which will ban payroll deductions for political purposes. >> i'm curious about who are these people that think they need to secretly influence california elections, and where is the money coming from? >> we need more transparency in our political system and what
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turns people off is we don't know who is behind the campaigns on either side. i think trans parnd see is important. when i heard about this it didn't change the fact what proposition 30 regardless of who supports or opposes it. you can read 30 yourself. >> reporter: the attorney general is involved in the investigation now, and there could be both civil and criminal charges brought against the nonprofits. live in berkeley, kimberly terry, "nbc bay area news." the final push, brown is still campaigning tonight for prop 30, which he says voters must have in order to save public education and higher ed in california. brown says the measure, which would temporarily increase the sales tax and income tax has support among democrats and republicans. >> why is it that the police chiefs, mostly republican, the sheriffs mostly republicans, california das mostly republican support proposition 30?
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who is against proposition 30? i would say not more than a handful of willful men putting up 90% of the money. >> while there is some language that assures that the $7.9 billion prop 30 gets annually would be spent mostly on education. it is in no way a guarantee. prop 30 money also goes towards public safety. the votes are in hundreds of thousands of them. even though election day seo officially tomorrow, many people crossed the bay area and across the country have voted. still officials are gearing up for the biggest election in four years. damion is outside today. >> it's aa steady flow all afternoon and like this all weekend. for the last two weekends people drive up here in the parking lot
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of the voter registrar's office and drop off the signed ballots. vote by mail has now become the way to go. this is the line sammy solomon doesn't mind waiting in. it's his first time voting in the u.s. in a presidential election. >> i'm from argentina. i'm an american citizen since 2009. >> he decided to vote early, like hundreds of thousands of other people in the south bay. >> i think this is probably one of the most important days on the calendar, is to actually come out and vote and make sure we vote for the right candidates that we feel will move our country forward in the right direction. >> reporter: the registrar's office in san jose has been processing mail-in ballots for a couple of weeks. 20,000 ballots come in ever day. in the south bay those voting by mail outnumber people that go to the polls on election day. 74% of people in santa clara county now choose to vote by mail. >> it's been very busy. we actually had the weekend
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voting the past two weekends. >> reporter: that means ne thes scanning machines are counting all the early votes, and they're hard at work tuesday night scanning the ballots that come in from the polls. >> i love to strovote in this country. early voting is wonderful. >> reporter: a new experience for this new american. it was like this at 12:00 today and like this at 6:00. steady flow of voters who want fob counted. we're live in san jose, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you. of course, we invite you tyy stay with number bay area for all the news. we'll have more coverage at 6:30, including a look at prop 36 which would change the three stiks law. it's a verdict that brought a south bay principal to tears and one with major implications for schools everywhere. a jury found her guilty of
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failing to report accusations that an 8-year-old girl was sexually abused by a teacher. we're in san jose with the details. maryann. >> reporter: well, raj, prosecutors say there was a lot riding on this case, because it sends a clear message to all mandatory reporters that they will be held accountable. she sobbed quitettely as the verdict was red. they found the former principal guilty of failing to report supported child abuse of an 8-year-old student. susan lagassa helped reach that decision. >> when you have the responsibility of hundreds of children in your care, you can't afford to drop the ball at an important moment like that. it was just -- it was -- she got horrible advice from hr. she didn't do what she knew she should do. she had a suspicion, and she didn't act on it. >> reporter: a judge sentenced her this afternoon to two years court probation and 100 hours of
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community service. this is the first time in 20 years a d.a.'s office has prosecuted a local educator for failing to report sex abuse. >> the biggest reason we prosecuted this case is because there was, in fact, a victim who was molested after her failure to report. that is a tragedy that is beyond imagination. >> reporter: the ordeal is not over for her. she is also named in a civil suit alleging she and the district didn't do enough to prevent another little girl from being molested. as part of her community service, the former principal will have to train other educators about the importance of reporting suspected abuse. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, "nbc bay area news." >> thank you, maryann. former famed peninsula child psychologist william aiers won't stay in custody while he awaits
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his second trial to start. he's now been released after posting $900,000 bail. last week a judge ruled he was competent to be tried against for molesting several young boys who were his patients during the 1990s. the first trial ended with a hung jury. prosecutors moved to re-try ayers but his defense team said he had dementia. last wednesday the judge ruled he's competent to stand trial and a new date is sfoert march. san jose police announced the arrest today of a suspect in the city's 40th homicide of the year. this 23-year-old shown in this mug shot was arrested saturday. the victim was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. no motive has been released, but rel it actives say the two have known each other since they were children. his attorney says the giants victory brought out the worst in
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him. today the man accused of vandalizing that muni bus faced a judge. he pleaded not guilty to felony vandalism charges. he was arrested after this picture was posted on facebook prompting plenty to call the police department. after his arraignment, his attorney said he acknowledges responsibility. >> we're appreciative of the fact he's apologetic. nevertheless there are consequences of bad behavior, and this was really bad behavior. >> he may have to pay part of the $700,000 it will cost to replace this bus. as of right now he's one of 12 people facing charges following the violence the night the giants won the world series. investigators are still looking for the other vandals. when we get an invitation to say precast concrete installed, we say thanks but no thanks. wheth take a look.
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the 49ers say that putting in the concrete marks a major milestone for this project. even the front office is surprised at how fast things are going at the building site and behind the scenes. >> the thing that you don't see is the fact that there are a lot of people across the street in our corporate office working very hard on the green vision of the building. we hired great guys to bltd the tech program, whether it's mobile appelications or wifi or whatnot you. >> he said 80% of the steel work is complete, which is way ahead of schedule and record-breaking for the firm doing the construction. on the subject of record-breaking, let's talk about the heat. a toasty november. high temperatures all around the bay area. we bring in the chief meteorologist jeff frenery with more. >> we have christmas decorations in the stores and temperatures summerlike. we get records in the interior
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valleys, but to get this heat this time of year at the coastline, it is hughly unusual. all of these locations at the coast setting new records including santa cruz with one of the warmest at 88, half moon bay at 80 and san francisco at 78. when you compare it to old records, we shattered it in some cases anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees above those old records like in santa cruz. the old record is napa is 72 and you top out at 82. there you go in santa roes at that from 76 to 81 for today. hopefully you enjoyed the heat if you liked that weather. here's major cooling coming your way. some drastic changes in that seven-day forecast. 20 to 25 degrees cooler. rain, snow, and also wind coming our way. we'll detail it this hour. >> we'll see you shortly. still ahead, dramatic new video tonight of a rescue right here in the bay area. >> i'm scott budman, coming up a silicon valley company working with apple and your smartphone to bring you an environmentally
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friendly, long-lasting light bulb to personalize. there is nothing mini about it. the new numbers on how ipads apple unloaded this weekend. we'll be right back.
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this is hayden. that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight.
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pro fremont police officers are on paid leave after shooting and killing a man early this morning. they killed a 37-year-old man naked and holding a knife chasing his estranged wife. it occurred on central avenue blocks from glenn more elementary school. a woman called police to report her roommate was being attacked by her hiss. they asked him to drop the knife, and when he didn't they shot him. the officers remain on leave as the investigation continues and looks into what happened. a beer bottle is on its way
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to the state crime lab tonight. it's the primary clue in last night's arson fire at a strip mall. flames broke out just before midnight. fire crews had things under control within 30 minutes, but damage is estimated at more than $100,000. investors say an unexploded molotav cocktail was found. experts will analyze this bottle for fingerprints. following up on a story from yesterday. pitch-dark and stuck in frigid waters for almost an hour and a half. this is what two young kids just 5 and 7 dealt with after their family's motorboat capsized into the bay sunday afternoon. this here is video from a sheriff's helicopter. it shows how the 25-footer was swallowed by the swell, kicked up by a notorious sandbar in the bay. the elk grove family of seven had been out crabbing when the
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boat capsized, trapping the two young kids and sending three adults and two other children into the water. that water temperature is about 50 degrees. eventually rescue crewed towed the boat closer to shore before cutting a hole in the hull to rescue the kids. >> they're lucky that all seven of them survived. the water is cold and rough. it's very frightening position to be in, and with a boat rolling over next to you, it all could have been easily killed and seven fatalities. >> roberts adds about four to five boats capsized just like this per year. this family was not wearing life jackets, which was against the law. let's get on to happier things. electric cars, ipads and new ceos, it's monday in the bay area, isn't it? we bring in scott budman with the scoop on all of it. >> thank you. let's begin with electric cars. the latest earning numbers from tesla still losing money, but
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investors cheered by the prospect of a cash-positive future. tesla has started to mass-produce the electric cars to the point where it it says it will be profitable within a year. tesla shares 9% on the news. kaiser permanente will have a new ceo. bernard tyson will take over the reins in six months when the current ceo retires. apple says it sold 3 million ipads over the weekend. it did not say how many were ipad minis. the guess is the majority of the sales came from the 7.9-inch version. here in the bay area several apple stores told us certainly variations of the minis were sold out by saturday. ipads and iphones aren't all you can buy at apple stores these days. these light bulbs are sold exclusively at apple stores, and you can control them with your smartphone. the next time you're at an apple
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store, don't just settle for a smartphone. how about a smart light bulb? phillips is responsible for the leds inside this bulb. it's called the hue. it connects to the mobile phone. while it gifts off the brighten you have now, it only uses 8 1/2 watts of power. >> the energy savings right there is substantial. >> energy saiflgs just the tip of this bulb. by connecting to your mobile device, you can decide when it turns on and off remotely, and change the color and tone of the line with the swip of your finger. >> you can watch tv and have -- i'm looking at it right here. have the bulb in one setting. you can see it dim. when the commercial comes off and you're reading a book and want to pick up an article or commercial comes on, you can get brighter light as ayou need it. >> you can find the hue apple on apple and android phones, but the long-lasting light bulbs
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that sell in a pack of three for about $200 are sold exclusively in apple stores. a relationship that gives the project an extra shine. >> there's credibility there. they tested it and validated it. they understand the technology, and they can help explain it. that's one of the things that i think apple does really well. it explains new technologies to people. >> in a word used to changing light bulbs frequently, these will last but they're expensive and that might take getting used to. they hope the innovation, not to mention the smartphone connectivity, will be a turn-on. this is what the bulb looks like. the l.e.d. is inside manufactured here in the bay area. another cool thing is the whole thing is built on an open flat form, so anyone can build apps for it. le it will be interesting to see what else can be created around the bulbs assuming people can afford them in the first place. >> we clap for this one, or is that a different one? >> that would be an app you can
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create. >> clap on, clap off. we'll work on that. jeff, it's toasty outside, but it's not going to last. >> it is. we're going to undergo some major changes here over the next couple of days. some historic heat not only for the interior valleys which is rare to get this heat but also at the coastline. there's 10 to 20 degrees above the averages. 84 in bodega bay, half moon bay at 80 and the old record is 55. 78 in concord and your old record was 77. we had warm weather down in the south bay. another new record in san jose with 85 and also 85 in santa teresa. it was contained to the coastline or also in the south bay. right now we start to get numbers to cool off here with 60s and also into concord. a 20 to 30-degree drop from the hottest weather today feeling more refreshing outside right
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now. let's go out to the sky camera network on monday. you find clear skies and no fog. we can normally see our flag blowing around a little bit on the left-hand side of the screen. right now it's very still across the coastal waters. as we look ahead towards the next 24 hours, we find more record high with high pressure offshore. we're not going to see too much of a change for tuesday's forecast. we could have more records, definitely temperatures in the 70s and a few more 80s and also plenty of sunshine. at least one more day to enjoy this, and we'll get back to reality here with major cooling in the forecast. over the next three to four days this area of low pressure will drop down into the western coastline and northern california. 20 to 25-degree temperature drop. the rain, wind and also extremely low snow levels near the sierra of 2500 feet. three days from now we talk about snow up across the sierra. none of that for tomorrow. temperatures for the 70s at the coastline and by the way it's
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close to 80 and for the interior valleys sunny skies and upper 80s and also a few mid-80s for the mid and south bay. for election day tomorrow temperatures are very, very comfortable here. throughout wednesday and thursday, numbers crash by thursday. 60s expected inland and rain returning back to the east coast. we know they're cleaning up from the devastating damage. they could get another 1 to 2 inches in the northeast. 20 to 25-mile-per-hour winds which may produce isolated flooding and power outages. not a great time this week because it makes that water-logged area worse. we have more coming up in the seven-day forecast, guys. >> thank you, jeff. they're dead but their names are still on the list. coming up, our investigative unit reporter looks into voter rolls here in california. important new information involving men and multi-vitamins. we're back in a moment. ♪
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in health matters a significant study in stem-cell research. stem cells may help repair hearts damaged by heart attacks. a new study says stem cells donated by strangers were just as safe as patient's own cells to help restore heart tissue. it involved only 30 patients, but the concept with no blood or tissue matching is a notable step forward. taking a multivitamin to prevent the risk of heart disease does nothing for odor men that take one daily. the new research followed 14,000 middle-aged men for more than a decade. they took a seven trum silver
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multivitamin or placebo. they found no reduction in heart attacks and strokes among sthoez takes the multivitamin. experts say exercise, quitting smoking and healthy eating are the proven ways to cut down on heart risks. if you have a fear of living without your cell phone, you could be suffering from a very specific illness called nomo phobia. they found nearly two-thirds of drel phone owners show signs of nomophobia. it's the fear of not using a cell phone. sfoms include panic and anxiety attacks. they typical own mult tell cell phones and show signs of compulsively checking messages or their battery life and also fears of missing an important call. british researchers say a good way to treat the disorder is to turn off the phone for a certain amount of time each week. still aahead, a rare case against an army general and startling allegations to boot.
6:27 pm
a trip to the zoo turns tragic after a little boy is mauled by a surprising pack of animals. we'll have the latest on the investigation. we'll look at proposition 36. back in a moment.
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tomorrow california voters will decide whether to make changes to the three strikes law. >> we have a look at how that law would change and the emotionally charged arguments on both sides. >> reporter: madeline blockness spent the last 15 years as an inmate at the central california women's facility. she just turned 60, and this year she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, which has spread to her bones. >> the time should fit the
6:30 pm
crime. it's just not right. >> reporter: her first and second strikes were both felonies, robbery and burglary. in 1997 she stole some batteries and cigarettes from a grocery store. it was a petty theft and even though her crimes were not violent it was her third strike and she had to spend the next 25 years to life behind bars. >> unless this law charges, either i'll die in this prison or i'll get a chance to do some of the things i never gave myself the opportunity to do before. >> reporter: 24 other states also have three-strikes laws, but california is the only state where the third strike does not have to be a serious or violent felony, which is why california's version of the law is considered the harshest in the country.
6:31 pm
the story of california's three-strikes law begins in fresno in 1992 when an ex-felon shot and killed 18-year-old kimber reynolds while attempting to steal her purse. at the hospital her father, a local wedding photographer, watched as his only daughter slipped away. >> i literally was holding her hand while she was dying, and i made a promise to her that i would do everything i could to try to prevent this from happening to another kid. >> mike reynolds kept that promise to his daughter by authoring three strikes, which was signed into law in 1994. reynolds says prop 36 would weaken what he proudly boasts is the toughest crime law in the nation. >> this has provided a greater level of safety to virtually every citizen in this state. >> reporter: there are currently 8,800 prisoners statewide
6:32 pm
serving life sentences for three strikes. about half are for strikes that are nonviolent or minor. they consider the third strike to be a serious or violent felony, and if it passes those 4,000 prisoners could have their sentences reduced. supporters say it could save the state up to $2 million a year. reynolds says almost two decades of three strikes has led to a dramatic statewide drop in crime. he warns a crime wave if prop 36 passes. >> this is giving twice convicted serious and violent offenders a new opportunity to go out and do more serious and violent crime. >> kelly turner spent 13 years at the central california women's facility before her case was overturned on a technicality. >> in 1988 i committed a robbery with a toy gun. in 1992 i caught a set of car keys and in 1997 i forged a check at a department store and received 25 to life. >> turner hopes prop 36 will give to blockson the same
6:33 pm
freedom she now enjoys. >> i think her sentence has been commuted to the death penalty if this proposition does not pass for such a minor offense. it's truly heart-breaking. >> i understand mr. reynolds' dilemma with his family and the brutal crime that happened. everybody didn't do that to him. >> reporter: since in prison she's overcome a drug addiction, cleaned up her life and been commended for good deeds. if she and other nonviolent offenders are looking for sympathy, they won't find it from the man that helped put three strikes on the books. >> why in the world would you do some shoplifting when you knew very clearly that you could be facing a 25 to life sentence under california's three-striking law? >> blockson says if she could go back and change the past, she
6:34 pm
would. >> i would. i don't want to die in these walls. that's it. >> reporter: a heart-felt plea and a father's promise and a decision now in the hands of voters. monty francis, "nbc bay area news." >> just to make sure we are clear, prop 36 only aapplies to offenders who have committed nonviolent crimes. that would exclude anyone with a conviction for a sex crime or for a major drug deal. also, a judge has to sign off on any sentence that is reduced. the most recent poll shows 63% of california voters do support prop 36. well, president obama right now is holding his final campaign event in des moines, iowa ending in the state that gave him the first major victory four years ago. today's punishing schedule covered 1,000 miles from wisconsin to ohio. while he may be the president, he's traveling with the boss,
6:35 pm
rocker bruce springsteen is singing at the rallies. jay-z and the president and president clinton are on board encouraging voters to get out to the polls tomorrow. gop rival mitt romney is focussed on the swing states as well starting in florida and then moving to virginia. his schedule, a blur since saturday he's held 13 events in seven up battleground states with a message of bipartisanship vowing to break gridlock in washington. >> i'll endeavor to find good democrats and republicans who care more about the country than they do about politics. >> we have come too far to turn back now. we've come too far to let our hearts grow faint. now is the time to keep pushing forward. >> president obama made another call to new jersey governor chris christie today about storm cleanup but surprised the republican governor by handing the phone to bruce string streen, also a new jersey native. christie is a long-time springsteen fan. >> larry joins us from the
6:36 pm
newsroom. it's all about the voters now. we've been doing this for months if not years. what should we look for tomorrow. one or two things that stand out for you? >> we have to look at turnout in two contexts, the turnout in the election and the day of turnout. we know democrats tend to win to turn out coming up to the election. republicans tend to win on election day. here's the question. what's the delta? in other words, who has done a better job? what's the difference between the before and the after? that will tell us a lot. when you see those exit polls, those early polls tomorrow, be careful. don't think the raw numbers tell the story, because that's a lot of stuff leading up to the vote. >> 10:00 p.m. to midnight tomorrow, will we have a win sner. >> don't count on it. it's very close, icy close. it could be very close down to the wire. it could be so close we get down to the provisional votes, which some states won't count for two
6:37 pm
weeks after the election. on the other hand, somebody could win by a little bit in several states and have a huge electoral margin victory but a very narrow popular vote. watch out. it's going fob a nail-biter until the end. >> we've heard this for the last several weeks and month. the polls suggest this is a tight arace. is it, though? would you be surprised if president obama or governor romney wins decisively? >> if one wins decisively it could be the president because of his new girlfriend, sanldy. what happened this last week raem changed the context of the election. it changed the story line and kept romney from making the news. if this happens, that could be the october surprise that breaks it open. we have to wait and see. >> okay. especially with this now close relationship with governor christie in new jersey. thank you, larry. stay with us, nbc bay area, for complete election coverage. we'll have live coverage throughout the day beginning tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. on our morning show. you can go to our website,
6:38 pm for the latest election results and updates. still aahead at 6:00, new details about that deadly mauling at a pennsylvania zoo. what investigators say happened. it's a serious election problem. our investigative unit looks into the unlikely voters still casting ballots. good evening. i'm in the nbc bay area weather center. dramatic heat across the bay area today. one of the hottest, gilroy at 94 degrees. also in palo alto at 86 and 86 in san jose and a dramatic drop-off this evening from 88 in santa cruz this afternoon to this hour temperatures already dropping in the 60s. we'll talk about much larger changes including rain in that seven-day forecast.
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implts a rare criminal case against a high ranking army hearing. a hearing began today at the fort bragg military base in north carolina. he's accused of committing sex crimes to fife women between 2007 and this year in afghanistan and also in iraq as well as fort bragg. they said the general misused his power and threatened one woman if she told anyone. the defense wants it thrown out because of confidential e-mails read without permission. also today the military hearing began for army saf sergeant robert bales. he's accused of gunning down 16 afghan villagers mostly women and children. he showed up aupt at base with blood smeared on his face and soaked in his clothes. more details about the freak
6:42 pm
accident at the pennsylvania zoo that killed a 2-year-old boy over the weekend. the medical examiner determined the toddler did not die from the fall but the mauling of 11 wild african dogs. police say the boy's mother sat him along the railing to get a better look at the animals when he fell into the netting below. he was so light he bounced off the netting and into the enclosure. pittsburgh zoo officials say the dogs were the most endangered canine species in the world will not be put down, but they're looking at changing their safety measures. a week after hurricane sandy hit the east coast, more than a million people are still without power tonight. the death toll rose over the weekend to 117, and it's estimated some 200,000 people are homeless. volunteers from all over the country have arrived to help deliver supplies there. schools did re-open today, a little bitz bit of a bright spot. a majority of the subways are up and running, but gas is still
6:43 pm
hard to come by. there are reports that a gallon of gas is going for $20 a gallon on the black market. >> that might impact where people vote. there's about 60 polling places in new york city that have to be closed down or moved because of the weather tomorrow. >> they're looking at a storm moving in. the heavy rain will hold off another day, maybe another one it to two inches of rain towards the east coast. if you have family that day, they have another round. not a hurricane but gusty wind and rain. back here at home, unbelievable record-setting heat today. we're going to talk about how long that lasts and when rain returns in a few minutes. jim harbaugh is one of the most intense coaches in the nfl, so you may be surprised to hear what he did to relax during the 49ers bye-week, and it was a stockton native that was sending the raiders back to the drawing board after a record-setting day at the coliseum. that's next from the xfinity sports desk.
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6:45 pm
our nbc bay area investigation is prompting election officials to take a closer look at avoter rolls. steven stock joins us with the details. >> we found more than 25,000 of these questionable voters.
6:46 pm
how is that so? well, they share the exact same name, date of birth and zip code as someone who is dead. is it fraud, human error? a problem with the system? well it appears the answer is all of the above. we compared the state's voter registration rolls to the u.s. social security master death index. we found thousands of questionable matches, and we confirmed dozens of those names. names that should have been removed from the rolls. >> this is embarrassing. >> steven weir is the contra costa county clerk and recorder. >> this is something we should have caught. >> we found names of people that appear to have voted after their death. so why are they there? weir says there could be several reasons. someone voted by mistake, a misplaced signature, or his office simply did not check the rolls. >> if there is fraud taking
6:47 pm
place it's anecdotal and family members. it's family members voting other ballots. >> not just a problem here. the pew center for the states found 2 million on active voter rolls neighborwiation wide. >> david becker supervising reform effort at the pew center on the state. >> this isn't a democratic or republican problem. this is a problem for our system. >> now, we reached out to several election supervisors here in the bay area, and they all confirmed finding dead people still on the rolls of after we notified them of that. tonight at 11:00 we speak with a man whose wife remains on active voter rolls despite his attempts to notify the county that she's been dead almost a decade. we'll also break down these numbers, find out who is still voting from the grave and take a closer look at a voting system that allows these mistakes to
6:48 pm
happen tonight at 11:00. we'll see you then, guys. if you have a tip for the investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips. let's bring in jeff free neary. we should have been at santa cruz or delores park today, one of the two. >> 94 driveways and election day tomorrow. real change, real unusual. we have the christmas decorations at the stores, and you head outside and it feels like august and september. we had several records here across the bay area. these are just a few. at least ten new heat records from the north bay to the coastline down to the south bay. santa cruz at 88 and also san francisco at 78. let's get another closer look at that santa cruz number. we'll we stayed about 10 to 20 degrees above the averages at the coastline today, look at that. by thursday a lot of cooling coming your way as temperatures drop an estimated 30-plus
6:49 pm
degrees for the bay area. not only that, but a winter weather advisory posted across the sierra. throughout the next three to four days, some dramatically different weather coming our way. we expect snow levels at 2500 feet thursday into friday. 4 to 10 inches of snow and possibly some blinding conditions out here on 80 and also 50 with winds that gust to 40 to 60 miles per hour with a storm system we track later on. current numbers starting to fall off. an onshore wind coming back sxa lot of 60s on the board. we go to this and have no fog. crystal clear from emeryville looking towards san francisco. an incredible night out here with this record heat. when we look at that record heat, we come back to the weather boards, what i'm thinking now is we probably had more widespread daily records today on this sijle day than any other single day in the past two years. just really goes to show you how unusual this heat is. we have all of this warm dome of
6:50 pm
heat sitting across california right now. that's going to get shoved to the south with this cold front moving in as we head throughout wednesday night, thursday and also friday. we're talking about the colder air, the rainfall, the wind, and also the sierra snow. you got one more day to enjoy it as we head through tuesday with sunny skies and 70 ands 80s inland. temperatures drop about 10 to 15 degrees. we get the first raindrops throughout thursday morning in the north bay. it looks like a wet afternoon for thursday, and then into friday we're still going to keep that chance of showers until the forecast as well. we start off with a decent recovery in the morning hours. plenty of upper 40s and low 50s across the bay. for tuesday, look at the daytime highs you have more records in the south bay with mid-80s in san jose, low to mid-80s from the east bay. 70s by the bay, and an even expected 80 in san francisco with 83 in oakland. on the three-day forecast on
6:51 pm
election day we have sunny skies as we mentioned and in that incoming rain on thursday. chance of thunderstorms friday. how's that for you? a 20 to 40-degree drop for some places into saturday and sunday. this is wild. >> amazing. >> it's been an unusual pattern for the last couple of months because we have extremes where it's warm and cold and warm again. >> that's a sign of el nino. it will give us a lot of extremes. it's what we see with that. >> she's asking to her shoe collection. >> i knew there was something under there about the wardrobe. >> thanks. let's get to sports. >> steve joins us live. are you wearing shoes, jim? >> i have shoes, but i have a different one on my left and right foot because i like to maximize my shoe collection at
6:52 pm
all times. that's how i do things. the raiders have a chance to get to .500 by losing to tampa bay on sunday. the gamt might not be the only thing the silver and black lost. that is right. why? darren mcfadden suffered a high ankle sprain putting his availability in doubt sunday in baltimore. his backup also suffered the high ankle sprain. that leaves the raiders extremely anyone in the backfield. longworth in alameda has more on the raiders. >> thurts, you know. it hurts, but there are things we have to get corrected and at the end of the day their guy made the play and we didn't. >> the area native doug martin rushed for a franchise record 251 yards against the raiders. for a team that had made recent strides on the run defense, the learning curve continues. >> i think they did a nice job of executing what they were trying to do.
6:53 pm
we got cut out of the backside a couple of times on one of the long runs. it boils down to the ability to get off blocks and tackle and didn't do it well enough yesterday. >> despite having the lead at halftime, the raiders struckled after the break as they were outscored 21-0 in the third quarter. >> we've been in every single game for the first half, and then there's the games that we've lost. the third quarter has been what's really hurt us. so i don't know that it's a magical formula, but we have to play a lot better. >> coach allen addressed the raiders offense and cars son palmer's play including his three interceptions. he said that the veteran quarterback does need to make better decisions at certain points in the game, but he said not blaming the game on palmer. i'm kate longworth, "nbc bay area news." >> kate, thanks very much. let's go to the 49ers. they return to work as they begin to prepare for the st. louis rams.
6:54 pm
the question on everyone's mind? what did jim harbaugh do to relax during the team's bye-week? >> i did a lot of fun stuff with my wife and kids, mainly just visiting with them around the house. did a train ride. we went to a toy store. >> that guy's thrill ride. you can imagine how expensive it was for the giants to throw the biggest halloween party ever in san francisco. the parade also had a huge financial impact on the city's school district. 4100 students absent on wednesday costing the district close to $160,000. i say chalk it up to a learning experience. the kids witnessed history, and can you really put a price on that? i think not. that's my view of sports with a little bit of a personal comment along the way. guys, it was fun out there.
6:55 pm
don't worry. it's not always about the dough. the kids learned history, man, right, jessica? >> i agree. you can give the money back to the school if you want to. you can write the ada. >> you can? >> yes, you can. >> that's an option? >> it's an option. >> i'll think about it. >> jim and jessica on this sunday's episode of class action on "nbc bay area news." that's our education show, by the way. >> that's a tough day. >> thank you, jim. >> feeling great on that day. failing grade on sunday. >> for a full half hour of local sports coverage in addition to some education watch "sports net central" on comcast sports net bay area tonight at 10:30. zee >> he justme wants to be on "cls action." that's what it boils down to.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
tonight at 11:00 we give you all the latest on the presidential election as well as all the state and local races, propositions and measures. it is a big night locally and nationally. that's tonight after all an all new "revolution." >> chris is up next on comcast 186 for more news. >> we hope to see you at 11:00. >> bye-bye. ♪
6:59 pm
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